Royals Signature Suite Information

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is food /drink included?

A: No. There is an order form available to fill out prior to the game so food/drink will be set up when you arrive.

Q: Do we have to order food/drink?

A: No. You may purchase the suite just for the great seats and atmosphere to enjoy a game. There’s also a concession stand right outside the suite where guests can purchase food/drinks on their own.

Q: Can I get extra tickets for the suite?

A: Yes. You may purchase up to 10 additional suite standing room only tickets. Prices vary by game.

Q: Is there a bathroom in the suite?

A: No. There are bathrooms on the loge level that are easily accessible from the suite.

Q: Can we order more food/drink during the game?

A: Yes. There will be a suite attendant that can take additional orders at the game. There is also the concession stand right outside the suite for convenience of buying items individually.

Q: Does the dessert cart come with the suite?

A: No. But you may order the dessert cart prior to the start of the game. The dessert cart features a decadent assortment of cakes, candies, pies and the favorite Ice Cream Helmet Sundaes.